Healing of The 7 Body Energy Bands

In the Andean Cosmovison, the human body has 7 energy centers, known as "ñahuis" eyes. Each "ñahui" represents an animal and cosmic power. For the ancestral priests of the Andes, they are not wheels or discs called chakras, but balance points surrounded by bands or ribbons named "chumpies."

These belts or bands surround the body as hugs, as if they were living tissues, vibrant bands.

The body is a deep tissue that is unwoven, it suffers breakage or wear and to which we must know how to darn, embroider, spin, weave, and braid.

Through invocation, vision and healing, these sacred alabaster and marble stones will be awakened and used to weave, balance, clean and restore the balance of the energetic belts in you.

This is a deep process of Spiritual Healing, following the knowledge of the Ancestral Q'ero Medicine.

This healing and alignment of your seven energy bands will cleanse, unblock, balance your energy centers and re-weave the energy strips of harmony and protection, thus restoring the imbalance between heavy and fine energies in your physical, mental, and spiritual body.

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Session Fee  $150