Traditional Shamanic Healing

This type of Healing will help you remove many mental blocks, emotional traumas from childhood, behavioral patterns, fears, phobias, and physical pains that have been keeping you from feeling emotionally free.

You will regain your strength and have more positive virtues, more love for yourself. You will be given the courage to move forward and have confidence, and amplify your magnetism.  You will feel more attractive to yourself and others, who can see your true inner beauty.

To carry out this Shamanic Healing, we use different natural ingredients such as fresh flowers, cactus, aloe vera, peppermint, nuts, sweet potatoes, lemons, corn, and honey, among many others. We invoke the help of the Spirit of Nature and the Healing Herbal Balm: rue, albacar and rosemary, to relieve all levels of your body, physical, mental, emotional, and cellular.

For about ninety minutes, which is the length of time of this Healing, We will be imploring God to bless you and help you to have more joy, happiness, fill your heart with His unconditional love, bring you greater mental clarity, help you have faith and lift up all the burdens and all your despair, so that you may experience the true gifts of Heaven.

Traditional Shamanic healing in 2018

Because of the availability of the herbs, the intense preparation, and the time needed for each healing we can only offer Traditional Shamanic Healing a few times a year.

This year we will be doing them on:

June 1st-3rd (fully booked)

June 22nd-24th (fully booked)

September 21st-23rd

Call 202-368-5069 or 858-336-1901

Session Fee  $375