Emotional Advice

After experiencing one or more Spiritual Healings the most frequent question that people ask me is: And now what’s next, what else do I have to do.?

The answer is very simple: Let's take it easy! This is a healing process, not a magical act that will change your life in the blink of an eye.

Throughout my experience as a Psychologist and Healer I have learned that psychology cannot teach us anything about the spiritual life, but it can teach us a lot about our personal self, which interferes with our relationship with God and with others.

If you want a private consultation with me to share some of the psychological tools, which in my opinion, could save you a lot of time understanding your life history, contact me. I am available in person in Bethesda, Maryland, or we can also arrange a session via phone or Skype.

My priority is that you learn to:

  • Start a process of forgiveness toward yourself.
  • Heal your relationship with God.
  • Undo those psychological and emotional obstacles that impede your spiritual development.
  • Help you recognize your negative behavioral problems and patterns.
  • Recognize your emotional wounds, abuse, victimization, abandonment, betrayal, etc. in order to work more deeply on them.
  • Heal your emotional wounds.
  • Help you overcome addictions.
  • Support your recovery from child traumas.
  • Resolve your emotional and mental issues that are blocking your life as an adult.
  • Find the causes and conditions that prevent you from being with your right life partner.
  • Discover your true path in life.




To arrange a consultation with Lili call 858-336-1901

Session Fee   $150

Healing and Advice  $200