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Spiritual Healing

Welcome Everybody, we are Robin Thompson and Lili la Curandera de Oaxaca, our website has been created to offer you Spiritual Healing in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland metropolitan area, and anywhere else in the world via Skype or telephone.

Specifically we provide spiritual healing, spiritually-aware coachingshamanic traditional healing (God's way)distant healing, and spiritual home and business clearing. We also host regular Spiritual Healing Classes and Meditations, and Healer Training.

We are Instruments of God in all the Spiritual work we do. If you are interested in exploring our Healings methods to improve your quality of life, you will find many interesting things here.

Each Healing:

  • Removes a lot of negative energy, negative thinking, and negative emotions from your body's energy system.
  • Removes the emotional wounds and traumas that are holding you back in your life, or holding you in unhealthy patterns.
  • Helps you feel more like your natural self. 
  • Helps you to love and forgive yourself.
  • Accelerates your spiritual growth.
  • Helps you prevent or recover from physical illness.
  • Helps you become happier and healthier and live a richer, more fulfilled life.

We hope you find the information you need on this website. To make an enquiry or ask questions, call 202-368-5069 (English), 858-336-1901 (Español) or contact us here

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Healer Training

This is a school of spiritual healing and we offer a comprehensive program that takes you from the very basics and trains you in many different kinds types spiritual, energy, and shamanic healing methods that you can use to help and empower humanity.

Our high-integrity methods ensure you learn how to work safely and at the highest levels of consciousness. The training programs we offer are suitable for those who are seeking spiritual knowledge, and those who want to become a healing practitioner.


Spiritual Home & Business Clearing

Very few people realize just how much the energy in your home or business affects all your relationships, your prosperity, your physical health, your sleeping patterns, and the way you feel whilst at home or work. The vast majority of homes and businesses are never cleared-meaning that everyone is living and working among all the buildup of negative energies and spiritual activity as well as the energetic history of the land prior to the buildings being built there.

Our comprehensive home and business clearing removes all negativity, all spirits, and creates a harmonious flow of energy that supports good relationships, material prosperity, good physical health and wellbeing for all who live or work there.

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Workshops, Meditations, and Events

As well as for healer training we host Victor Barron, World-Renowned Natural Born Spiritual Healer and Shaman Teacher to hold healing meditations and daylong healing workshops every year, as well as other spiritual teachers several times per year. 

The workshops and meditations help you deepen your healing journey by offering you many different kinds of spiritual healings and cleansings to accelerate your spiritual growth and bring more balance to your life.


Spiritually-Aware Coaching

After completing two master’s degrees in Psychology, years of experience in the clinical* area, and having experienced different Spiritual paths for over 15 years, Lili knows that Psychology cannot teach us anything about the Spiritual life; it can, however, teach us a lot about our personal self, which interferes with our relationship with God and with others. She is available for private, one-on-one consultations in Bethesda, Maryland, vía telephone or Skype.

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Shamanic Traditional Healing (God's Way)

Shamanic Traditional Healing is a very deep and very powerful healing experience. Most spiritual healings work on the spiritual level and their benefits trickle down into the mental, emotional, and physical levels. This healing, done in a God-centered and traditional way, works in reverse by working with Nature and specially prepared ingredients to trigger a huge release of negativity trapped in the physical body and energy field.